Technology For The Entire Material Supply Chain

BulkSource revolutionizes the material industry with its comprehensive construction tech solutions. Boost productivity, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in the material industry with BulkSource.

Key Features:

Links: A cutting-edge data management platform, Links, integrates seamlessly with BulkSource's products, third-party software, and IoT devices.

Flow: An order management and scale platform, empowers producers to efficiently manage inventory and production, while the CRM streamlines customer information and order processing.

Tender: The industry's first dedicated FinTech solution, Tender, simplifies the customer portal experience with payment processing and invoicing.

BidSmart: An AI tool, optimizes material bid costs and predicts competitor pricing for construction bids.

Weather Build: A weather intelligence product, enhances on-site safety through hyper-local weather monitoring and AI-based impact analysis.


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